Annoying reasons of incorrect behavior – why sex turns into routine!

Sexologists can tell stories about incorrect behavior which causes sex, originally conceived as a delightful way to pleasantly and profitably spend time with each other, to turn just into a “conjugal duty”.Annoying reasons of incorrect behavior why sex turns into routine!

Deficiency of kisses

As one man said: “I realized that my marriage was doomed when we stopped kissing. Even before sex.” And some husbands have a habit of, when leaving or returning from work, kissing their wives on the forehead – such a stingy, patronizing kiss. It is like you are an elderly couple, not a couple which in the recent past could kiss for three hours, not even paying attention to the fact that their lips were going numb.

A kiss on the cheek is still all right, in some circumstances. But it should be always a kiss in the lips, the corner of the mouth, the neck, the dimple under the collarbone — And the practice of kissing the forehead is the first step to dull sex to once a quarter, or even less often.


Lovers who have genuine passion for each other usually tear the clothes from their partner or, on the contrary, deliberately delay the procedure for getting rid of underwear, turning it into an erotic performance. Long-time cohabiting/married couples, as a rule, are guided by the principle of expediency and time saving.

Do not throw off your clothes yourself and quickly dive under a blanket. Look at such people – twoAnnoying reasons of incorrect behavior why sex turns into routine! such brave soldiers who are ready to give the debt to the marriage. Is it an exciting picture, imbued with deep eroticism? Okay, not really, we all have to admit. So it is much more effective for your sex not to hurry up.

Asexual atmosphere

What can be more erotic than, in the process of copulation, to fish out from under your buttocks a child’s toy? Is it possible to increase arousal with the detritus of every day life falling into the field of view, the documentary debris, the pile of laundry dumped in the corner of the room, the plates with the scraps, the half-eaten apple, wet napkins, apartment bills, bubbles, cough medicine, etc.? Each couple, of course, has their own level of tolerance towards unsanitary conditions. But the point is at least a little adjustment in this case can help to make the atmosphere more conducive for what you want to ensue.

Sex killing flavors

In a life together everything is possible. Garlic toast for dinner, hot chicken wings, andAnnoying reasons of incorrect behavior why sex turns into routine! onion soup, and even beer with whiskey for dessert can be sex killing flavors. And if in the case of a new acquaintance it goes without saying that you need to brush your teeth, chew some gum and, for the sake of attraction, sprinkle the mouth with a freshener, then when a situation with a partner that you know well, similar procedures seem to become optional.

And this component of everyday care and hygiene has a key importance. This is because, unlike sight, the sense of smell can not be “switched off”. And even closing eyes, your partner will not be able to imagine Channing Tatum in your place if they’re too aware of your halitosis.


Yes, there are neighbors who, in the morning, will most likely have to travel in the same elevator. Yes, there are children whose tender psyche can be traumatized by the disturbing sounds coming from the parents’ bedroom. Yes, there are mothers-in-law, nephews and half-brothers who sleep right on the other side of the wall (of course, it is better to live without them, but the situation can’t always be managed differently). However, in addition to physical satisfaction, copulation is also based on the moral. And you can forget about them, if in the process neither of you utters a few disturbing sounds. Intimate acts, created in deathly silence, have nothing to do with love.

It would be unfair to lay all responsibility for the imperfection of sex in a couple solely on you alone, as one half of a couple. Therefore, in order to achieve a comprehensive effect, we strongly recommend that you somehow manage to give this text to your “other half” for reference.