Is it possible that diabetes caused your erectile issues this time?

There are many various diseases among men that can lead to erectile dysfunction and cause a deficit, or a lack, in their sex life. If you do not want to be one of those men, then you ought to get a total physical every 6 months and make sure that you are totally healthy.
If you have never thought about that, then we want to underline this fact for you: diabetes can lead to ED. By the way, for some men, impotency is considered to be the first sign of diabetes.
As soon as you realize that you have this particular sign, it’s best to check your blood sugar levels and try to change your lifestyle if necessary, keeping in mind that getting rid of anxiety is also essential. When you go on a diet, you will be able to observe that your life has changed and erections come back to you very quickly.

Why does diabetes lead to impotency?

When you have diabetes, then there is a great chance that your nerves, blood vessels, and muscles are damaged. Therefore an erection is not going to happen normally, due to the reason that your blood does not go directly to your penis, because of various obstacles along the way. It has been proven by researchers several years ago that men who have a certain type of diabetes are more likely to have problems with erections and arousal up to 10 years earlier in their life, compared to a man who is relatively healthy.

– When you are getting excited sexually, nitric oxide is being activated in your blood, therefore, you are able to get aroused and have sexual intercourse afterwards.
– If you have diabetes then your blood vessels are tighter, therefore, you can not manage to get nitric oxide to your system and a erection does not occur at all.
– It is usually the case when you see that blood does not flow to your genitals at all.
– By the way usually, these men who have been suffering from diabetes have a higher level of cholesterol.

In addition to this, you may not know that your lifestyle plays an extremely essential role in your symptoms of ED and your health in general. When you are heavily smoking all the time, such as at least 3-5 cigarettes a day, then you will definitely be more likely to observe that your blood goes away from your penis very fast and erections cannot be sustained at all.

Can any medications for diabetes cause impotency?

There are certain kinds of medications that may lead to ED, and if you are using them, you have to tell your doctor. There is a chance that he will take you off these medications very soon.

– Antidepressants may lead to impotency and ruin your blood flow,
– Sedative drug may also lead to erection problems in your life sooner or later,
– In case you have irregular seizures, then you ought to take seizure medications.

If you have been experiencing problems with an erection then try Sildenafil citrate generic. This drug will help you to make sure that your erection is stable and you will not have to worry about finishing sexual intercourse too soon. When you are seeking various ways of treatment you will find that ED at all stages is totally treatable and there is absolutely no need for you to feel self-conscious and overanxious about it.