I was so sad due to impotency but now I have found a great cure!
As soon as I got out from the hospital and my surgery was successfully over I decided to try to have sex. But as it turned out, I could not get an erection at all and therefore I needed some kind of a booster. I have gone to the doctor and he said that apart from my recent surgery I am still smoking a lot and therefore my ED could have been caused by a large amount of nicotine in my body.
I decided to try to get a cure and therefore I have taken Sildenafil. It gave me a great erection and it was not a problem for me to get a great erection at that time. Thank you for letting me enjoy my sex life.

Sildenafil aided me permanently!
When I decided that it is time to lose some weight and get in a great shape, my doctor said that due to my heart conditions I can not lift weights and exercise for as long as I would want to. Well, I tried to change my diet and eat healthy food as often as I can. Well, as you can guess at first it was not that easy for me to eat only healthy food, but after quite some time it became my habit. Unfortunately, I was not able to have a strong erection, even so, and so my doctor said that it is time for me to try Sildenafil and therefore after that it really helped. Since that time I managed to be very careful with taking Sildenafil and alcohol, actually, I never drink when taking it.

Erection problems have come out of nowhere!
As it turned out ED bothers so many men who are getting older, therefore as soon as I turned 54 I was not surprised that an erection was not happening. Actually, I was very self-conscious about this problem, therefore, I was not able to talk about it to my wife or even my brother. I went to the doctor because I assumed that he had handled so many similar cases. He said that Sildenafil will help me and that is why I decided to take it. And it did, it really helped me. I was very careful with not taking Sildenafil with food because it was possible for me to get certain kind of side effects when I am not careful. With caution, I was able to avoid those side effects entirely.

ED is not bothering me at all, that is why I am very happy!
Who knew that one day I was going to have a problem with arousal! Well, it seems like as soon as I have managed to get intimate with my partner I see that my erection disappears so soon. I asked my shrink whether or not it was connected to my recent anger issues and he said that the connection is very close indeed. Well, I decided to find some positive things in my life and manage to concentrate on positive situations more often. And for ED I got Sildenafil, it is a great drug that keeps my blood in my genitals and the erection does not go away as soon as it used to. Thank you so much for it!

I was so over anxious about telling my wife that I have impotency!
I was afraid that my wife might leave me one day. Therefore I decided that it would be the best idea to explain to her that it is not caused by her or by me. We both knew that it is a pretty tender issue, therefore, we needed a serious kind of treatment. Well, as you can guess the physician came up with a great idea. He told us that as soon as I can treat my diabetes and manage to get a kind of sexual booster I will be fine and my wife will be totally satisfied also. We have bought Sildenafil and therefore I took the 50 mg pill. As it turned out the erection was better than ever and I did not have to worry about not being able to please my lovely wife in bed. As you can guess, since then I never had any kind of ED at all.